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Porsche Community
Porsche Community

Joined: 15 May 2002
Posts: 10294
Location: 911UK

1997 Porsche 993 Carrera 2

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 7:26 pm    Post subject: Hartech Lifetime Maintanence Plan Reply with quote

911uk would like to introduce Hartech, the leading Porsche specialists in the North West of England at www.hartech.org.

Hartech are a family business trading since 1984, specialising in high quality Porsche services.Our reputation is second to none because we put our customers needs first and keep running costs as low as possible. Our large, well-equipped factory, combines modern facilities and equipment with traditional engineering skills and low overheads, providing the highest standards of care at modest prices.

Tel: 01204 302809. Hartech can also be contacted by PM to user "Bazhart"


Our Plan was unique up until less than a year ago - but now it is in its 10th successful year, a few competitors are virtually copying many aspects of it. We introduced it because we are commited to good preventative maintenance, customer care, reasonable cost structures, a constructive relationship with customers and wanting to reward them for their loyalty. That we pioneered it for 10 years when no one else was interested until recently - proves this and our scheme has been successful because of the way we apply our comprehensive preventative maintenance service schedules and the way we look after our customers in the event of a claim.

Warranty Plans are only as good as the experience of claim success but after pioneering the idea for so long – our customers can be reassured by our track record of 10 years without any complaints or failing to honour obligations (even for engine work) - something only time will prove elsewhere. We started the scheme because after several years we realised that the cars we bought to sell, carefully and thoroughly prepared for sale and then looked after – seemed rarely to go wrong and cost relatively little to maintain. However the cars we sold that were looked after elsewhere and then came back to us were never in such good condition – so we realised we had to maintain them ourselves to make it work and hence we decided to include the cost of the servicing in the Maintenance Plan Monthly Payments. It all proved that cars well looked after reward owners.

Public demand resulted in us broadening the scheme to cover cars bought elsewhere after initially going through our own Major Gold Service Schedule (which is the most comprehensive available including cylinder compression tests, 4-wheel laser alignment checks, road tests and all mechanical and electrical components and systems). It has historically worked out very well, with no complaints, no claims refused and an increasing number of happy customers enjoying low maintenance costs and the peace of mind that if anything major did go wrong the cost of repair would be minimised.

Customers soon realise that we can only make this pay if we look after their cars so well (and identify emerging faults before they become worse and while they cost less to fix) that they rarely need to come back in-between servicing – and this is our incentive to do the best job possible and puts us and the owner in the same position – both seeking the least expensive way to achieve the lowest running costs and maximum reliability.

Hartech sales cars have already been prepared to the highest standards and come complete with a period of free Lifetime Maintenance Plan cover (and a comprehensive written engineers report and guarantee). Currently sale cars enjoy 12 months (or 12K) free cover (worth over £1K) which takes a car on less than 12K/year to almost 2 years motoring free of service charges and covered by the Maintenance Plan for parts only costs for at least a full year. Cars bought elsewhere may have serious faults identified during the service checks which may need to be fixed before being eligible for the scheme or can be excluded from future cover.

The “Hartech Lifetime Maintenance Plan” then enables the owner to pay a modest regular monthly amount that covers:

• Servicing costs in full (parts & labour)
• Annual MOT fee
• The labour element of all other faults including those caused by wear and tear (except a small list of exclusions (see later).

We call this our Lifetime Maintenance Plan because it continues for as long as the owner wants to stay on the scheme – effectively for the Lifetime of their ownership.

• No work needed other than routine servicing & MOT – nothing extra to pay
• Brake pads & clutch needed – the customer would pay for the parts used (i.e. brake pads & clutch kit) but no labour
• Engine failure (such as a timing chain failure) – the customer would pay for the parts used (e.g. gasket sets, chains, valves, etc.) but no labour
In addition there is:
• No limit to the repair costs, frequency of claims, mileages accumulated or age of the vehicle.
• Priority booking for Maintenance Plan customers
• No fixed term length or expiration date

The costs reflected below in the attachment (PDF) are the monthly payments for annual mileages for Hartech sales cars (payable after the “free” period) against the costs below reflect the monthly payments for the annual mileages for cars bought elsewhere.

All prices quoted are £GBP (ex-VAT) and are correct as at 01/01/08

These prices were due for annual review on 1st January 2009 but in view of the present ecconomic crisis we have decided to help our loyal customers by delaying any increases until further notice.

Customers are fully protected against unapproved increases as payment is set up by standing order and can only be altered by the customer directly.

The main exclusions are – air con, radios, alarms and immobilisers, faults caused by lack of proper care and attention, accident damage/bodywork, tyres and faults caused by corrosion.

Many faults have no parts involved anyway (or parts costs are minimal) and the labour element (that is free) usually represents the greatest cost in most repairs. This is especially true of engine and gearbox repairs where the labour cost is huge but parts are relatively inexpensive – particularly with all the modifications, re-design work and reconditioned parts provided by Hartech with Boxster and 996 repairs - most of which no other competitor can offer (such as replacing cracked liners, re-rounding bores and supporting them, re-ground crankshafts with upgraded shells, modified intermediate shaft bearings and shafts etc - all lowering repair costs under our Plan that competitors cannot match.

While repairing under Warranty we also offer to fit other local parts (for good preventative maintenance reasons – like new big ends or gearbox synchro rings etc) for no extra cost (where no extra time is involved) or a modest extra cost (for things like decoking and re-seating valves etc - even when they were not the cause of the original claim but the work involved uncovers the parts anyway - but this option is entirely at the customers own choice).

Our aim is to get away from the usual conflict that often exists between warranty providers and owners (when claims are in progress) and instead create a friendly, sensible and agreeable way of discussing options and alternatives and complete the repair to everyone’s satisfaction at the minimum cost.

More comprehensive details about this scheme are available in our buyers guide part 3 on our web site www.hartech.org

Get a Porsche Car Insurance Quote


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David Rose

Joined: 12 Aug 2004
Posts: 649
Location: Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom

1998 Porsche 911

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i personally can't speak highly enough of Hartech! Definately worth the trip.

They are a great crowd who know Porsche cars inside n out!

Great people as well!!!

They are trustworthy and and and well I could go on!
As a runaround I bought a V70R Estate - 320BHP.. Blimy!

'98 C2 Ocean Blue Savannah interior .. awaiting the right Targa!

1986 944 Lux .. A great car too!

E Class Merc Advantgarde with AMG bits! for trolling around!
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Joined: 05 Sep 2007
Posts: 121

PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I joined the Hartech Club earlier in the year. Found them to do 'Everything it say's on the tin'. Very helpful and straightforward people.

I travel from Ely, Cambridgeshire to Bolton, Lancs - but bet that someone travels further!

Join me on twitter http://twitter.com/JayeDeeW
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Joined: 20 Jul 2010
Posts: 849
Location: Oop North

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not had my car long, it has been under Hartech for about 9 years, has 23 stamps and 2folders of receipts, it's on 140k, enuff said really Thumb

Shes gone but never forgotten ......

Present; x4 335d MsportXline, Countryman SD JCW, van, '92 vfr400, '78 kz650...
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