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Porsche 911
992 : 2019- 0
991 : 2011- 26
997 : 2004- 58
996 : 1997-2005 32
993 : 1993-1998 2
964 : 1989-1993 0
Carrera 3.2 : 1983-1989 2
Carrera SC : 1977-1983 3
930 Turbo : 1975-1989 1
Early 911 : 1964-1977 1
Porsche Other Models
Classic : 1950-1965 0
Boxster : 1997- 27
Cayman : 2005- 22
Cayenne : 2003- 7
Macan : 2014- 5
Panamera : 2009- 0
912-914-924-928-944-968 0
959 - CarreraGT - RaceCar 0
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Interior Incar, Lighting
Rubber Seals, Service Parts
Steering, Suspension
Transmission, Workshop Tools
Early 911, 911 - 930, 928 - 968
964 - 993, 996 - 997, Boxster
Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera

Porsche Model Range
911 [992] 2018-Current
Porsche 911 [992]
911 [991] 2011-2019
Porsche 911 [991]
911 [997] 2004-2012
Porsche 911 [997]
911 [GT] GT1-GT2-GT3
Porsche 911 [GT]
911 [996] 1997-2005
Porsche 911 [996]
911 [993] 1993-1998
Porsche 911 [993]
911 [RS] RS-RSR
Porsche 911 [RS]
911 [964] 1989-1993
Porsche 911 [964]
911 3.2 1983-1989
Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera
911 SC 1977-1983
Porsche 911 SC
911 [Early] 1964-1977
Porsche 911 [Early]
Boxster & Cayman
Porsche Boxster & Cayman
Cayenne & Panamera
Porsche Cayenne & Panamera

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Car Buyers' Legal Rights

If you buy a vehicle from a dealer, you’re covered by the Sale of Goods Act 1979. This means it must be:

  • Of satisfactory quality, bearing in mind its age, what it cost and how it was described to you. It should be free from serious defects, other than those you were made aware of.
  • As described. If the dealer says it's a 2-litre, and it's actually a 1.6-litre, you can reject the car and seek a refund or replacement.
  • Fit for any reasonable purpose. The car should do all that you reasonably expect of it, including any specifics you state to the dealer. If you need a car for towing and the dealer says a 1-litre supermini will be fine, you can reject the car if it struggles.
  • However, if you pay for the car to be inspected, the dealer is not responsible for any faults the inspection should have found and you should always get a statement on the car's condition from the dealer.

    If your car is faulty, you have six months from the date of purchase in which you can reject it. You can demand repair or a replacement, unless it would cause 'disproportionate' or 'significant inconvenience' to the seller.

    Examples of this would be if a repair would be as effective as a replacement, or if a price reduction would be more appropriate for minor defects.

    Dealers must now prove the vehicle was of satisfactory quality when it was sold. This means you no longer need to seek an independent car inspection.

    However, if you believe your car is faulty, you must stop using the car immediately, and contact the dealer directly. You need to follow this up in writing, providing evidence of the problems.

    If you've bought the vehicle from a franchised car dealer, you can speak to the manufacturer direct. They don't want to get a bad name because a dealer hasn't provided the expected level of service.

    What about a private sale?

    You have far less legal comeback when buying a car privately. The only obligation for sellers is to describe the car truthfully - but even if they don't, getting compensation from them can be difficult, time-consuming and costly.

    However, you can still expect a car to be:

  • Capable of passing an MOT, unless the seller specifies it isn't.
  • Owned by the person who is selling it - because if you later find out it's been stolen, you have no legal right to keep it.
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    • 3. Once accepted you may amend your advert in accordance with our company's procedure. You have the right to cancel the advert for any reason at any time. Should you not require that your advert not be submitted to an affiliate Porsche Magazine, then you must advise the site immediately through our contact us section.
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    • 5. While every endeavour will be made to meet the wishes of Advertisers, 911uk.com does not guarantee the insertion, the position, or the colour of any particular advertisement.
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